Twisted: The Middleware Framework for Internet Gaming Applications Finds Its Way into Major IT Organizations

A new middleware framework, originally developed for Internet gaming applications, is now being used by organizations such as NASA and other major IT companies around the world. The Twisted framework provides extremely powerful, scalable, and flexible enterprise application integration capabilities. It supports a large number of service protocols, including HTTP, FTP, SMTP, LDAP, DNS, SOCKSv4, SSH, IRC, telnet, POP3, AOL's instant messaging, and more. Twisted can also talk to multiple industry-standard DBMS and can be used to control and integrate with standard Windows applications (Word, Excel, etc.). The framework is designed to support both multiple frameworks and multiple protocols at the same time, making it suitable for implementing web sites, web services, email servers, or instant messaging servers. Twisted has already been implemented by companies such as Masters of Branding and Adelux, which have used it to develop custom Internet applications such as portals, network security tools, communication-related programs, and software that leverages other systems. With Version 1.0 freezing the fundamental APIs, Twisted is poised to become the leading middleware framework of its class.