MandrakeSoft Appoints François Bancilhon as New CEO

Former founder and CEO of O2 Technology François Bancilhon has been appointed new Chief Executive Officer of MandrakeSoft.

Co-Founder Jacques Le Marois remains Chairman and President of MandrakeSoft. François Bancilhon's main focus will be to increase MandrakeSoft's business and profitability while maintaining a high-level of technology commitment in the Linux and Open Source arena. After eighteen months of intensive restructuring, MandrakeSoft is showing extremely positive results: Revenue is up, while expenses have been drastically reduced. The company is now at the stage where it needs an experienced manager capable of taking it to the next level of development, while keeping the Open Source spirit which has always been one of MandrakeSoft's main strengths. François Bancilhon stated: "Joining MandrakeSoft and the Linux world has already been an outstanding experience during my first weeks of presence.

This was a new world for me, with an incredible level of energy and vision. Mandrake Linux is much more than just an operating system, it is a complete information system solution. The potential of Free Software and the Linux community are so powerful that I'm certain we're about to experience a radical visible movement within the computing industry. In the meantime, much can be done at MandrakeSoft to increase the business side of the company. I'm very excited to help MandrakeSoft become a major player in the IT field, and look forward to working with Jacques and the entire MandrakeSoft team. ", MandrakeSoft recently released a new range of Mandrake Linux 9.0 products and services. Mandrake Linux 9.0 has been warmly welcomed by the press as a new step in making Linux easier and more accessible for all users.