Free Standards Group Releases Essential Standard for Internationalization

The Free Standards Group Open Internationalization Initiative, OpenI18N (formerly known as Li18nux) has released the XML specification of the common XML locale data. The Common XML Locale Repository project is a joint effort among the members of the Linux Application Development Environment (aka LADE) Workgroup of the Free Standards Group. The purpose of this project is to devise a general XML format for the exchange of culturally sensitive (locale) information for use in application and system development, and to gather, store, and make available data generated in that format.

This approach allows for true scalability. Locale/culture information standards for Linux ensure that Linux and Linux-based software will have the infrastructure necessary to address the advanced needs of world-wide ready software, creating yet another indispensable tool for Linux. Information on the Common XML Locale Information Repository can be found at To learn more about LADE Workgroup and how to join, please see