LynxOS v4: A Linux-Compatible Real-Time Operating System for the ARM Architecture

LynxWorks has announced the availability of LynxOS v4, a Linux-compatible real-time operating system (RTOS) for the ARM architecture. The solution delivers unparalleled hard real-time response, reliability and determinism, and provides true application binary interface (ABI) compatibility to Linux, allowing users to run Linux applications unmodified under LynxOS or augment real-time applications on LynxOS with applications from Linux. This first release of LynxOS for the ARM architecture will be on the Intel IQ80310 I/O processor based on the Intel XScale technology, targeting storage area networking (SAN), wireless communications, and home networking markets. The strategic partnership between LynxWorks and ARM breaks new ground in bringing their industry-renowned RTOS solution to the embedded market, providing benefits such as reduced expenses and decreased time-to-market for new products.