Arkeia v5 Maintains Compatibility With Major Open Source-Based Operating Systems

Arkeia Corp., an international supplier of heterogeneous network backup solutions, has reaffirmed its support of open source business solutions by offering compatibility with the new UnitedLinux-based distributions from SCO, SuSE, TurboLinux and Connectiva. Arkeia's recently released enterprise backup software Version 5 is fully compatible with UnitedLinux, including solutions for backup servers and clients, as well as for disaster recovery. Linux distributions powered by UnitedLinux are high-quality operating systems designed for mission-critical business applications, with guaranteed stability, security and international support from the different partners of the UnitedLinux consortium.

SCO Linux 4.0 is the perfect solution for thousands of small businesses and multi-site corporations similar to Arkeia users around the globe. The company's mission is to provide fast, reliable, easy-to-use and affordable network backup solutions for heterogeneous networks. The distributed client/server architecture, administrative capabilities, and multiplexing technologies enable Arkeia to provide enterprise-class technology at an affordable price. The product range -- Arkeia Light, Arkeia MicroLan, MiniLan, EnterpriseLan and Arkeia Virtual Server -- has attracted more than 90,000 users worldwide who rely on it for their data protection needs. Arkeia is privately held and has offices in Carlsbad and Paris.