MandrakeLinux 9.0 Offers RAV Antivirus for Mail Server Protection

MandrakeSoft has partnered with RAV Antivirus to include RAV Antivirus for Mail Servers protection in the commercial CD of MandrakeLinux 9.0.

The product packages are available since November 1st. RAV Antivirus for Mail Servers offers virus protection, antispam module, content filtering and group configuration features that can be customized and disabled/enabled at any time by the server administrator. It is fully functional and technical support can be tested as part of a complete mail server protection service. The need for antivirus protection grows larger in the UNIX world, especially for mail servers which are often targeted by hackers and Internet malwares. RAV Antivirus for Mail Servers integrates an antispam module and is fully compatible with MandrakeLinux PowerPack 9.0 and MandrakeLinux ProSuite 9.0. This partnership offers the opportunity to show Mandrake fans what RAV can do for them, especially in matters of mail server protection. The benefits go both ways, as Mandrake users can freely try a fully functional RAV AntiVirus for Mail Servers version and expect to be very satisfied with it.