Dynamic Power Management Could Lead to 50-Percent Reduction in Power Consumption

IBM and MontaVista Software have announced a combination of technologies that could significantly extend battery life in consumer electronic products by reducing processor power consumption as much as 50 percent. The IBM PowerPC 405LP embedded processor with MontaVista Linux Consumer Electronics Edition (CEE) may reduce overall power savings in a wide range of products such as smartphones and PDAs, helping extend battery life and reducing their size and cost. The announcement is part of an ongoing effort by IBM and MontaVista Software to develop improved power saving techniques using Dynamic Power Management specifically developed with the needs of power-sensitive embedded applications in mind. A white paper titled 'Dynamic Power Management for Embedded Systems' has been released for public access and invites comment from interested software developers. The IBM PowerPC 405LP is a 32-bit RISC processor offering high performance and ultra-low power for a wide variety of power-sensitive embedded applications, including mobile phones, PDAs and handheld computers. MontaVista Linux Consumer Electronics Edition (CEE) is the first Linux operating system and cross-development environment specifically designed for consumer electronics applications such as mobile phones, digital televisions, set-top boxes and automotive telematics. The announcement is expected to be newsworthy for a news site that is focused on free software and open source as it highlights the potential of Dynamic Power Management in reducing power consumption in embedded systems, which can lead to significant cost savings for manufacturers and consumers.