Progeny and HP Announce Enhancements to Linux Programmer's Toolkit

Progeny has announced that it has been working with HP to add key enhancements to the Linux Programmer's Toolkit (PTK), an integrated development framework for developing Linux applications on IA32 and Itanium systems using Red Hat or Debian Linux. PTK empowers software developers and ISVs to hone the competitive edge of their products by providing a convenient way to download more than 1,000 packages targeted for developers and ISVs creating applications in Debian and Red Hat Linux environments. The PTK team continually searches for and assembles the best and most up-to-date Linux development tools so that developers can focus on writing code. Other significant PTK developments include Progeny's Platform Services, which now includes the Linux Platform Manager, a web-based tool that allows businesses to build products on a more stable, secure, and functional Red Hat or Debian Linux platform at significantly lower cost than a custom solution. HP is committed to supporting Linux by lowering barriers to entry for experienced developers who are using non-Linux platforms, which is why they've co-developed PTK with Progeny. Progeny will be on hand in HP's booth (No. 822) at LinuxWorld to discuss and demonstrate PTK and Platform Services technologies.