Xandros Delivers Award-winning Desktop to Broader Audience

Xandros, a leading developer of cost-effective Linux-based operating environments, has announced the release of Xandros Desktop Standard Edition 1.0. The new release is built upon the same code base as the original Xandros Desktop 1.0 and shares much of its features, including ease of use, compatibility with Microsoft file formats, and better security. Xandros Desktop Standard Edition is designed for users who are ready to commit to the open source future of OpenOffice.org, Mozilla, and other standards-compliant applications. The new release offers seamless interoperability with existing Windows, Unix, and Linux network environments, dual boot functionality with Windows, and a powerful new file manager that allows for file sharing between local Linux and Windows computers, networked Windows clients, and a wide range of peripherals. Xandros Desktop Standard Edition is available for purchase on the Xandros web site.