Linux dominates server blade computing market

The server blade computing market is seeing a rapid growth in innovation based on the Linux operating system, with many vendors releasing Linux-based versions of their platforms. This trend is expected to continue as enterprise customers adopt Linux for their general-purpose servers environments and require Linux-based implementations as they deploy server blades. The growth of Linux-based blade and dense servers in the datacenter is accelerating with increasing demand for high-performance computing in industries such as financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, and life sciences. While the price/performance of Linux on x86-based blades far exceeds that of Unix on RISC, the ongoing cost of management and operations of this environment still remains a challenge. However, many of the Server Blade Trade Association vendors have real products that can be implemented today to address these and other challenges. The press release highlights various companies such as Amphus, CoroSoft, GoAhead, MigraTEC, MontaVista Software, PLX Technology, Sistina, StarGen, and others that target Linux for server blade operating environments, components, management software, and middleware.