MontaVista Software and Trolltech Integrate Qtopia Application Environment for Consumer Electronics Devices

MontaVista Software and Trolltech have announced that an integrated, optimized, ready-to-deploy version of Trolltech's Qtopia application environment will be available from MontaVista Software, enabled and validated on the new MontaVista Linux Consumer Electronics Edition. This integration creates a compelling software stack for handheld and other consumer devices, allowing manufacturers to enjoy significantly lower development costs and faster time to market for applications like smart phones. The MontaVista Linux Consumer Electronics Edition is the first commercial Linux operating system and cross-development environment specifically designed for consumer electronics devices. Hundreds of products are already in development using MontaVista Linux, including mobile phones, PDAs, advanced remote controls, high definition televisions, HDTV, PVRs, set-top boxes, digital receivers, automotive telematics, musical instruments, gaming machines and karaoke systems. Recently, Sony and NEC released new consumer products built on MontaVista Linux. Several leading cell phone manufacturers have also expressed an interest in building next generation cell phones based on MontaVista Linux.