LynuxWorks Supports Embedded Linux Platform Specification

LynuxWorks, a leading provider of embedded software solutions, announced its support for the ELC Platform Specification (ELCPS), which aims to provide an open and unified platform for embedded operating systems.

The ELCPS draws upon widely used Linux and Unix standards in the industry, including LSB 1.2, IEEE POSIX 1003.1-2001, and the Single UNIX Specification v3. This standardization of the application programming interface (API) layer enables interoperability between various competing distributions of the Linux operating system and provides an alternative to proprietary embedded solutions for emerging applications such as handheld devices, set-top boxes, and Internet connected devices. LynuxWorks' support for the ELCPS gives it a unique position as the first company with the same standard Linux APIs across its offering of real-time and embedded Linux operating systems. With BlueCat and LynxOS, LynuxWorks offers the best of both worlds: a standardized embedded Linux platform for initial development and deployment, and a path to hard real-time with LynxOS that is binary compatible and supports the same standard APIs. This news is particularly relevant for companies in the military and aerospace industries that are migrating to open standards to facilitate software reuse and interoperability.