Desktop Linux Consortium Formed to Shape the Future of Linux on the Desktop

The Desktop Linux Consortium (DLC) has been formed by key firms and organizations in the open source community to respond to the growing interest in Desktop Linux. The vendor-neutral association is comprised of both commercial companies and open source organizations that are developing and shaping GNU/Linux desktop technologies. Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux, said 'We already have all of the tools, in Open Source software, necessary for 80 percent of office workers in the world'.

The DLC aims to help shape the future of Linux on the desktop by targeting the needs of corporate, institutional, and home users. The group will organize trade shows, conferences, and participate in public relations activities and programs. Membership dues will be scaled to ensure broad participation by both commercial firms and open source organizations. The DLC will assure fairness in all Desktop Linux-related issues and events and respect the open source ethos. The ultimate beneficiary of the Consortium is the computing public, which will be assured a vibrant, open, stable alternative to closed proprietary systems and applications, interoperability, and an end to ever-escalating licensing fees.