Embedded Real-Time Database Management System Now Available for LynuxWorks' RTOS

Empress Software and LynuxWorks, Inc. have announced the immediate availability of Version 8.62 of the EMPRESS database management system for the LynuxWorks' real-time operating system (RTOS), LynxOS Version 4.0. Empress Software is a leading provider of high-performance database technology for embedded real-time applications, while LynuxWorks is a technology leader in the embedded software market. The Empress database engine and standard application programming interfaces provide LynxOS 4.0 developers with a reliable database component embeddable into mission-critical, real-time embedded solutions. The press release highlights the benefits of using a commercial database engine such as EMPRESS instead of a homegrown system, including saving significant time in development and money in maintenance. Both companies value openness and strong adherence to industry standards, with LynxOS 4.0 offering Linux binary compatibility.