Enhanced Tools for Embedded Systems Development

LynuxWorks has introduced enhanced features to SpyKer and VisualLynux, two innovative tools for embedded system trace and cross-development. SpyKer 2.0 includes new features that increase visualization capabilities, provide greater system execution visibility, and allow developers to better understand the causes of system crashes post-mortem. VisualLynux 5.0 now supports the family of Microsoft .NET products, enabling developers to target LynxOS and BlueCat Linux operating systems with their applications. The tools provide easy, anytime visibility into program execution, streamline the design and creation of applications targeted to run on embedded Linux systems, and increase development costs, accelerate development and debugging. SpyKer 2.0 can be used by applications programmers, technical support professionals, and systems management personnel to collect trace data on the execution of a Linux or LynxOS system, while VisualLynux 5.0 provides a high degree of automation when leveraging Visual Studio for embedded development.