Nuxeo CPS Adopted by French Atomic Energy Commission as National Application

Nuxeo, a European leader in services based on the open source Web application platform Zope, has announced that the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) has adopted its solution of content management and collaborative work Nuxeo CPS as a national application. The CEA chose Nuxeo CPS to carry out the eDOC application, which is intended to help assemble, track, apply and share knowledge in internal groups and projects, as well as with external partners.

This choice confirms the relevance of using Zope in a large-scale industrial context. Nuxeo Collaborative Portal Server (CPS) is an open source software that allows organizations to quickly, simply and effectively set up large-scale collaborative portals such as Intranet, extranet or Internet. It offers many functionalities to create collaborative work applications with high added value, including public and private workspaces, publication spaces, users roles and access right management, document versioning, forum, newsletter, mailing-list, diary, contacts, etc. Nuxeo is the European leader of services surrounding the open source platform Zope. It develops and markets collaborative web content management systems, as well as associated services such as training, consulting and hosting. Nuxeo supports the open source software effort by publishing software components under a free license (GPL) and by contributing as a core developer to the development of the zope platform. It also supports the action of the EuroLinux Alliance in favor of software innovation and free software, and against software patents, harmful for competition and innovation.