TimeSys Joins OSDL to Bring High-Availability, Real-time Functionality Expertise to Carrier-Grade Linux

TimeSys, a leader in embedded Linux development solutions, has joined OSDL with a focus on Carrier Grade Linux (CGL). TimeSys makes TimeSys Linux 4.0, a Linux distribution enhanced specifically for use in embedded systems that require predictable, reliable response, and TimeStorm, an integrated development environment for C/C++/Java development for embedded Linux. Their products are used in various industries such as telecommunications infrastructure equipment, consumer electronics, industrial control applications, military/aero applications, and more.

The company's customers include major companies like Hitachi High-Technologies, Lockheed Martin, Memotec, Panasonic Communications, Raytheon, Sanyo Electric, and Toshiba. TimeSys offers SDKs for more than 65 target platforms supporting 8 processor architectures and 35 unique processors. OSDL provides engineering and technical assistance to Linux developers worldwide with state-of-the-art data centers in Japan and the United States. OSDL coordinates technical working groups focused on hardening Linux for data center and carrier-grade computing environments. TimeSys offers an important array of embedded-level tools and Linux performance enhancements that deliver a key piece of the industry ecosystem for the acceleration of Linux in carrier grade and data center environments.