Xandros Desktop Deluxe 1.1 Release: Enhancements and Upgrades for Linux-Based Operating Environments

Xandros, Inc. has released a 1.1 edition of Xandros Desktop Deluxe.

Version 1.1 enhancements include support for Microsoft Office XP and Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Mozilla 1.3.1 with spell checking and spam filtering, OpenOffice.org office suite 1.0.3, Evolution groupware client 1.2.4, enhanced hardware detection, and Intel i830/845/855 graphics drivers. Xandros Desktop Deluxe 1.1 includes a printed user guide, a Technology Preview CD, and 30 days of e-mail installation support. The release demonstrates the company's commitment to delivering high-quality desktop solutions at any price. Xandros Desktop leverages the performance and reliability of Linux to create a secure desktop that seamlessly integrates with existing enterprise environments, where compatibility and ease of use are essential requirements.

Its benefits include simple five-step graphical installation, integrated partition management, familiar look and feel, best-of-breed Xandros-engineered applications, compatibility with popular Microsoft file formats, secure login authentication against Windows domain controllers, and powerful file sharing capabilities. Current users can obtain free updates of most items in the version 1.1 release by clicking the Xandros Networks icon on their desktop. Users of Xandros Desktop 1.0 who wish to run Office XP and Adobe Photoshop can purchase a full 1.1 upgrade at a reduced cost by sending an e-mail to shop@xandros.com. Xandros is the leading developer of cost-effective, installation-friendly, Linux-based operating environments offering Windows compatibility and unparalleled technical support. The company brings to market a complete solution that gives businesses, governments, and schools all over the world access to affordable computers and software.