MontaVista Linux Support for AMD Alchemy Solutions Driver Information RDK

MontaVista Software Inc., a company that powers the embedded revolution, has announced MontaVista Linux support for the AMD Alchemy Solutions Driver Information Reference Design Kit (RDK). The AMD Alchemy reference designs and MontaVista Linux provide an enhanced hardware/software combination to power the next wave of high-performance information and entertainment systems. The AMD Alchemy Driver Information RDK has been specifically designed to target the emerging telematics, infotainment and navigation systems marketplace.

MontaVista Software has an established ecosystem with a variety of complementary telematics software partners including Trolltech, Speechworks, Solid Technologies, the Dearborn Group and others. The AMD Alchemy Solutions Driver Information RDK leverages the power of the AMD Alchemy Solutions processors and AMD Flash memory to help automotive design engineers bring to market new high-performance driver information and entertainment solutions that offer an improved driver experience by delivering the next generation of media-rich content and applications. MontaVista Linux strikes a perfect balance between cutting-edge automotive telematics technology and the lowest-risk, highest-quality embedded software. The AMD Alchemy Solutions Driver Information RDK includes all of the hardware and software needed to begin development. MontaVista Linux Professional Edition 3.0 is an industry-leading comprehensive embedded operating system and cross development environment that provides a common source and binary platform across a broad range of processor architectures. It boasts the industry's most comprehensive embedded development package with broad support for embedded processor architectures, CPU boards and software components. MontaVista Linux Professional Edition for AMD's AlchemyTM Driver Information Reference Design Kit will be available from MontaVista Software and the company's sales and distribution channels worldwide in the third quarter of 2003.