Kolab Reaches Stability: German Groupware Project Announces Successful Completion

The German Kroupware project has announced reaching its goals with stable releases of Kolab Server and KDE Kolab Client. The system offers common groupware functions such as E-Mail, Group Calendaring, Notes and Tasks. It is designed to be scalable and secure, using matured Free Software components like Cyrus IMAPd, Postfix, Apache and OpenLDAP. The KDE Kolab Client has been made fully offline capable and draws upon the corresponding KDE components KMail, KOrganizer, KAddressbook and KPilot. The project has undergone significant testing and bugfixing in the last month and is now believed to be stable. A community around the Kolab approach has emerged, which organizes itself over mailing lists and the kolab.kroupware.org website.