Aethera 1.0 Release: A New Level of Modularity in PIMs is pleased to announce the 1.0 release of Aethera, a PIM, Email and optional communication suite for Linux and Windows (Mac OS X coming soon). Aethera breaks with tradition in conventional PIMs and brings a new level of modularity and vision to a paradigm that has been all too stagnant for years now. With Aethera you aren't tied to a particular operating system or desktop technology. In addition to email, calendar, contact list, sticky notes you optionally have plugs for Jabber instant messaging and Whiteboarding with new modules for VoIP, PDA synchronization, CRM and groupware capability via Kolab and Exchange coming in the next couple months. Through our multi-platform component technology we are providing our calendaring support on both Linux and Windows using the popular KOrganizer application from KDE.

This new release has a completely new 'look'. Here are some highlights of the features available in Aethera: Email: POP3 account (any type of POP3 server) SMTP account (any type of SMTP server) IMAP account * IMAP folder support - you can now create and remove the files locally and remotely. * Folder support is using the subscribe/unsubscribe IMAP4 features * Create new IMAP accounts using the configuration browser. Aethera can handle multiple POP3 and IMAP4 accounts MBOX file format HTML is fully supported for writing and viewing Cut & Paste of text via selection Create/Send/Receive attachments Full interface to the Addressbook when sending mail including custom Groups Standard mailer functions such as Reply, Reply All, Forward, etc.

Folders, create, rename, delete Drag `n Drop between mail folders Mail Filters Contacts: Create and view Contacts in a variety of flexible formats Create custom groups easily by selecting address entries Drag n Drop between Contacts folders Map lookup of address Sticky Notes: Free form notes that you can organize into your folders - great for saving your ideas quickly Drag n Drop between Notes folders Calendar: Multiple calendars All features of KOrganizer Home: Weather plug in, select as many cities as you want to display weather for ICAO weather code browser RSS feed interface Hide or show either the RSS or Weather reports Aethera is a free GPL application, you can download it and distribute it to your hearts content. The plug ins are available for prices as low as $9.95 per module. Aethera can be downloaded from

The commercial plug ins are available at About is a California-based company with developer teams in North America and Europe. fills a need in the Linux community for mass-marketed, quality Linux software by producing developer tools and desktop applications.'s products are marketed both online and through B&M channels such as Microcenter and Fry's Electronics. Visit for more information.