OSDL Releases Q&A Paper on SCO vs IBM Lawsuit

The Open Source Development Lab (OSDL) has released a Q&A paper written by Lawrence Rosen, a noted technology law and intellectual property expert, to help Linux users understand how SCO's lawsuit against IBM will affect them. The paper covers key issues such as the legal issue in this case being between two companies, not between a software provider and end users, nor between a company and an operating system. Users should be informed of their rights and obligations before taking steps to purchase a software license they may never need. OSDL's position is that absent clear, open and publicly available evidence that using Linux violates rights that SCO has not already freely conferred by distributing Linux under the GPL license over the course of several years, there is real doubt as to whether end users should purchase a license from SCO. The paper is available on the OSDL website.