Linare Corporation Launches Desktop OS Software Linare Linux

Linare Corporation is launching its Desktop OS software Linare Linux this week. The user-friendly and reliable operating system provides everything needed in a typical office environment for just $19.95 and offers round-the-clock technical support. It is based on the Linux kernel and KDE, a user-friendly and more powerful graphical environment. Linare Linux also comes with Open Office, a full office suite compatible with Microsoft Office, which includes word processing, spreadsheet, drawing, and presentation software. The software features a full Internet suite, bundled with a GAIM messenger that can be used with Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and ICQ protocols. It also includes Mozilla mail software, the increasingly popular Outlook-styled email program, and the Mozilla Internet Browser. Linare Linux includes several popular add-ons for playing digital audio, sending instant messages, burning CDs, videoconferencing, and synchronizing data filed on handheld computers. Multimedia support includes Real Player, provided by the global leader in digital media. Home users will find everything they need bundled onto one CD, with all packages featuring the easy-to-use, graphical desktop environment. Purchasers have access to Linare's 24-hour, seven-day-a-week technical and installation support.