BlackAdder 1.0: A Comprehensive Platform for Developing Python Applications on Windows and Linux, producers and distributors of high-quality open source and commercial Linux software, are pleased to announce the availability of BlackAdder 1.0, a Windows/Linux UI development environment for Python based on Qt. BlackAdder combines a visual design environment with debugging, syntax highlighting, ODBC interfaces and extensive HTML documentation into a comprehensive platform for developing Python applications with PyQt. Features include integrated Qt Designer, syntax highlighting text editor, support for the latest versions of Python, PyQt and Qt, mx Extensions for ODBC access from Python, integrated debugger, project explorer, extensive project management capability, integrated CVS support, and much more. BlackAdder is an exciting product for rapidly developing applications on Linux or Windows using the popular Python language. Besides being a powerful IDE with an extensive array of tools to make developing your application quick and easy. BlackAdder is tightly integrated with PyQt which is a set of bindings for Python to allow you to make use of the popular Qt multi-platform windowing toolkit from Trolltech. Our optional Business Edition gives you a full commercial license for both PyQt and Qt as used from BlackAdder. BlackAdder can be purchased or free demos downloaded from .