DriverLoader: Revolutionary Compatibility-Wrapper for Linux x86 Systems

Linuxant inc. has announced the immediate availability of DriverLoader, a revolutionary compatibility-wrapper that allows standard Windows NDIS drivers to be used as-is on Linux x86 systems. This technology is ideal for supporting devices for which no adequate native open-source drivers are available and allows vendors to drastically reduce time to market or eliminate the need to support multiple drivers for Windows and Linux. With DriverLoader, owners of 802.11g 54mbps Wireless LAN devices based on Broadcom chipsets can now use their devices under Linux, enjoying the full speed of the latest Wireless LAN technology with the freedom of the renowned open-source operating-system.

Broadcom chipsets are the foundation of many Notebook or Desktop Wireless LAN adapter products by numerous vendors. DriverLoader packages can be downloaded from Linuxant's web site at no cost and is easy to install on any supported Linux distribution with any recent 2.4 or 2.6 kernel, and includes a user-friendly Web-based configuration system. Vendors interested in using DriverLoader technology to enable their products under Linux should contact For more information or to download your copy of DriverLoader, please go to