BitDefender Launches New Generation of Linux Mail Server Antivirus Suite

SOFTWIN has launched a new generation of its powerful BitDefender Antivirus suite for Linux Mail Servers. The suite includes four antivirus solutions for mail server protection and is compatible with all existing mail servers.

It also benefits from optimized agents for the most popular Linux e-mail platforms: Sendmail, Postfix and Qmail. With the growing demand for viable security and antivirus protection solutions, BitDefender introduces a scalable platform for development and deployment of security solutions in Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) as well as ISP. The new BitDefender for Linux Mail Servers solutions integrate with the existing infrastructure without any modification of the hardware or software components, due to its seamless compatibility with the most common existing Linux distributions and mail servers. They also offer the possibility to use dedicated agents for the most popular mail servers (SendMail, Postfix, QMail) or to employ BitDefender SMTP Proxy for any SMTP server within the company's infrastructure. The new, encrypted (SSL) connection used for the remote server management and the server runs with simple user privileges, increasing the system's general security. As well as all the other BitDefender antivirus commercial solutions, the e-mail server solutions support automatic, incremental updates of virus definitions and scanning engines, ensuring a fast and efficient reaction in virus outbreaks. The packages are available in rpm, deb and tar formats, compiled with gcc 2.9x and gcc 3.2, to assure an extreme compatibility with existing platforms. BitDefender for Linux Mail Servers solutions start from $119.95 and are available for download, evaluation (full 30 days trial versions), and sale on the BitDefender website or from the BitDefender local distributors.