Lineox LIFF: The Complete Linux Document Collection and Server

Lineox Inc. has released Lineox LIFF, a new kind of documentation product that combines innovative techniques to make it the best Linux documentation product in the market. The product can be downloaded as a CD-ROM image or bought as a CD-R disk and contains almost 1.8GB of files including all Linux Documentation Project books and HOWTO documents, program documentation of Lineox Enterprise Linux, man and info pages converted to HTML format, and recent Red Hat and Mandrake manuals. The search function allows users to quickly find the information they need, and the product can be installed on a web server for easy access from any operating system and browser with network connection. Lineox LIFF offers three different installation options: normal hard disk installation, CD-ROM image file installation, and a possibility to regain up to 500MB of hard disk space by removing and replacing files with links to the CD-ROM.