SAP Ventures Invests in Sistina Software for Linux Storage Solutions

Sistina Software, a leading provider of storage infrastructure software for enterprise Linux deployments, has secured an investment from SAP Ventures, the venture capital arm of SAP. The funding will enable Sistina to aggressively accelerate its sales and marketing operations and continue developing new partnerships with ISVs and OEMs. Sistina's data-sharing software is the central nervous system behind multiple powerful Linux-based clusters and storage area networks (SANs), including companies such as Deutsche Telekom, DreamWorks and NuTec Energy. The distributed file system market is expected to triple by 2005, reaching $225 million, and customer spending on Linux is projected to increase from $80 million in 2001 to $280 million by 2006. SAP Ventures' funding will allow Sistina to be even more aggressive in building a far-reaching sales and marketing strategy that closely aligns the company with leading ISVs and OEMs.