Sistina Software and Fujitsu Systems Europe Announce CD adapco Group's Implementation of Sistina GFS for High-Performance Computing

Sistina Software and Fujitsu Systems Europe have announced that CD adapco Group, a leading design engineering technology company, has deployed Fujitsu's hpcLine of Intel-based servers powered by Sistina GFSTM (Global File System) to improve the ease of configuration, management, and data-sharing capabilities of its computational fluid dynamics (CFD) applications. The implementation of this Sistina-scaled Linux cluster has allowed CD adapco Group to build out a multi-tiered storage network that rapidly achieved levels of performance and reliability with its CFD applications, which previously required proprietary monolithic UNIX servers and high-performance disk systems attached to every local node. The system powered by Sistina GFS is 100% stable and has shown to be extremely robust, making it a crucial solution for any future Linux-based clusters. This implementation highlights the growing need for consolidation of data and enhanced server utilization capacity in industries such as automotive design, aerospace, and ship design. Sistina GFS is a modular, robust, and native file system that allows multiple computers to share a single, common view of storage data, making it an excellent Linux-based solution for reliable, shared access to large data sets for high-performance computing.