ASLinux Desktop: A New Business Line for Activa Sistemas

Activa Sistemas, a Spanish company that specializes in introducing and deploying Information Technology using Free Software and Linux, has announced the release of its new business line as a Linux manufacturer with the launch of ASLinux Desktop 1.0. This Linux distribution is aimed at domestic PCs and offers a complete, stable, and intuitive environment for daily work with Linux. It includes all the features that any end user may demand, such as office tools, Internet, multimedia, games, and fun. Additionally, it comes with a personal firewall easily configurable through its graphical interface. ASLinux Desktop 1.0 is based on Debian Sarge and comes with kernel 2.4.22, XFree86 4.3.0, KDE 3.1.3, ALSA 0.9.6, 1.1, Mozilla Firebird 0.6.1, and MPlayer 0.90, among other packages that cover the most typical areas of computer use at home. It is bundled in a DVD case containing 2 CDs (the first one can also be used as a