Improved Interface and new features to allow even greater productivity

Cybozu Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cybozu, Inc., announced a new version of Share360, its web-based collaboration suite with a vastly improved interface which enables multiple new timesaving features. The changes were made to improve both the usability and appearance of the Share360 applications.

The new features include interfaces which scroll to allow user navigation and tools to remain in view at all times, improved permissions settings, revised information architecture for My Options (user settings) and Admin Tools (administrator settings), as well as numerous additional customizable areas for users and companies. Share360 integrates 12 productivity/communication applications that together create a 'ready-to-run' Intranet solution that allows groups remote access to information such as email, schedules, contacts, announcements, shared files, company forms and projects. The product is multi-platform and runs on Windows, Linux and FreeBSD and is known for its ease of use and installation in minutes.

It is centrally managed on the customer's web server and is accessible from client PC with any operating system through a web browser. About Cybozu Corporation: Cybozu Corporation, based in San Francisco, California, designed and developed the Share360 Collaboration Suite. Cybozu Incorporated, the parent company based in Tokyo Japan, has been recognized as the leading web-based groupware provider in Japan since its introduction to the market in 1997. About Cybozu, Inc.: Cybozu, Inc., founded in 1997 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, has rapidly established its brand name as the leader in the Japanese web-based collaborative software market with a customer base exceeding 18,000. Cybozu products have received many software awards in Japan, including the 'Nikkei Industrial Daily Award for Excellence in 1999', the 'Nikkei Superior Products and Services Award', the 'Silver Medal in the 13th PC Best Software Award', and the best customer-satisfied groupware in 'The 6th, 7th & 8th Customer Satisfaction Survey for Computer Products' by Nikkei Business Publications.