Global Moxie releases Big Medium 1.3: A major update to their web content management system

Global Moxie released Big Medium 1.3, a major update to their web content management system. The new features include WYSIWYG text editing, document uploads, and 20 new widgets for webpage templates. The software is available now from the Global Moxie website at A free online demo is also available. Big Medium is browser-based software that enables non-technical staff to update websites without learning HTML.

It is designed to fit within the technical resources and budgets of even the smallest businesses and non-profits. The suite of Perl scripts is $129 for web servers running Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, BSD and other Unix-flavored operating systems. (A beta preview version is also available for Windows servers.) New features in Big Medium 1.3 include a detailed list of new features and fixes available at the Global Moxie website: The software is sophisticated, yet affordable, with five levels of editing permissions, giving site administrators precise control over how writers and editors can add, edit and publish web pages.