Qt 3.3: Future-Proofing Multiplatform Development with .NET, 64-Bit Processing and IPv6 Support

Trolltech has announced the release of Qt 3.3, which adds support for Microsoft .NET platform, 64-bit processing, and IPv6. This makes it easier to build multiplatform applications using the same API (Qt) and compiler (gcc) on Unix, Linux, Mac, and Windows. Qt already provides solutions such as SOAP support, automatic GUI dialog conversion, and support for migrating legacy MFC-based applications to Qt. With the new features, developers can now access the power and performance of Qt and enjoy the unique freedom to develop on their OS of choice while taking advantage of these new technologies. The release also includes Qt Script for Applications (QSA) 1.1, which adds several new features such as a utility framework, an extension library for giving scripters file access and shell execution possibilities, script project handling, and other useful classes making scripting even more powerful. Qt 3.3 and QSA 1.1 are free of charge to open-source developers on Mac OS X and X11-based platforms. Contact sales@trolltech.com for conditions, prices, and license terms for commercial use of Qt 3.3, QSA 1.1, or any other Trolltech product.