Aethera 1.0: A New Level of Modularity and Vision in PIMs is pleased to announce the 1.0 release of Aethera, a PIM, Email and optional communication suite for Linux and Windows (Mac OS X coming soon). Aethera breaks with tradition in conventional PIMs and brings a new level of modularity and vision to a paradigm that has been all too stagnant for years now.

With Aethera you aren't tied to a particular operating system or desktop technology. In addition to email, calendar, contact list, sticky notes and groupware capability with Kolab, you also have optional plugins for Jabber instant messaging, Whiteboarding, VoIP. PDA synchronization and CRM available in the coming months. Through our multi-platform component technology we are providing our calendaring support on both Linux and Windows using the popular KOrganizer application from KDE. A big item in this release is groupware capability via the KDE Kolab server. Here are some highlights of this release: a) tkPhone plugin, our VoIP application is available as an Aethera plugin now.

If a Contact has the SIP field filled in, then this will be used by default when making the call. b) DateBook (KOrganizer) plugin has full support now - Settings - Email (synchronization via email) - Kolab synchronization - Exchange synchronization via WebDAV (not tested, disabled for moment) - The reminder (Alarm) is much better, it can notify you with status bar messages, popup windows and sound (not available yet). c) Support for Kolab server - You can create a Kolab account from Settings (see Mail->Accounts). It will create special folders in DateBook, AddressBook and NoteBook plugins where are the kolab server data.

  • You can have many kolab accounts. d) Support for translations, Aethera can use QT's format for translations files to be available in other languages. e) Support for Unicode in all the plugins (especially the Mail plugin) f) Settings has a new and better look, this makes the configuration easier.

g) The JabberPro plugin has new features like sending files (over any firewall) , hide/show offline users and insert the time in chatting windows. Also some bug fixes. 2) Improvements and fixes a) The Mail plugin can download/view the emails faster.

The composer has some bug fixed. The email attachment can be opened for viewing. The import emails mechanism is a lot better so that you can quickly import big amounts of emails and it has Mailbox, Outlook and Eudora (new) support. b) IMAP has few fixes (it is working for IMAP, Courier, Cyrus) c) SMTP has small fixes and better feedback d) Other bug fixes (see our mantis bug system). Aethera is a free GPL application, you can download it and distribute it to your hearts content. The plug ins are available for prices as low as $9.95 per module.