McObject Announces Final Beta Release of Embeddable HTTP Server for Intelligent Devices

McObject has announced the final beta release on Linux of eXtremeWS, its embeddable HTTP server for intelligent, connected devices. With a footprint of less than 30K, low CPU consumption and support for devices without a disk or file system, eXtremeWS extends the benefits of Web browser-based access to a wide range of embedded systems including industrial controllers, communications gear, consumer electronics and other highly resource-constrained devices. In addition, eXtremeWS is tightly integrated with McObject's eXtremeDB in-memory embedded database, providing a unique environment for implementing a complete data management solution for intelligent devices.

Developers seek performance, configurability and simplified integration, Graves said. McObject built eXtremeWS with a rich set of capabilities for embedded systems Web-enablement, including HTTP 1.1 compliance, a content compiler that reads a directory of static HTML and encodes it into a C source code file, which is then compiled and linked with the rest of the Web server. This turns eXtremeWS into a fast in-memory Web server that needs no file system or disk from which to serve static HTML. Dynamic content generation via templates or in-process CGI. Support for sessions with configurable timeouts. Optional tightly integrated data management using McObject's eXtremeDB in-memory database for storing and manipulating dynamic content and other data. Configurable thread pool.

The server can run in single- or multi-threaded mode, with the number of threads serving incoming HTTP requests easily configurable. Web-based device management is quickly becoming standard across embedded systems market segments. Benefits include separation of embedded software from user interface code and the ability to use of markups to control device internal parameters and on-device data management. The eXtremeWS package includes several reference designs that demonstrate how the Web server can communicate with remote devices running eXtremeDB-based applications. These designs include an electronic programming guide for digital television, automatic weather station, preventive maintenance monitoring system, and high-availability device management. Developers interested in receiving a copy of eXtremeWS Final Beta, including reference applications, are requested to visit the eXtremeWS area of McObject Web site, which includes a link to the beta application form.