NeTraverse and Mandrakesoft Team Up to Offer Windows-to-Linux Migration Platform

NeTraverse and Mandrakesoft have formed a strategic alliance to offer award-winning Windows-to-Linux migration capabilities to users and organizations contemplating Linux solutions but have dependencies on legacy Windows applications. The popular Win4Lin and Win4Lin Terminal Server products allow organizations that are enthusiastic about the significant cost, security and reliability improvements to be had from using Linux, but have been reluctant to make the move due to the perceived inability of Linux to run custom or legacy Windows applications, to smoothly and inexpensively bridge their critical custom and legacy Windows applications to Linux. Win4Lin not only runs all of your Windows business applications on Linux, it also runs them with snappy performance and true Windows fidelity. By running an actual copy of Windows in a Linux process, Win4Lin runs all of your Windows applications without any need for re-write, configuring or enduring quirky behavior. Win4Lin is also extremely resource-efficient as it runs on a wide range of x86-based machines and requires a modest memory footprint.

In most cases, users do not need to replace or upgrade their hardware to run Win4Lin. The Mandrake Linux operating system employs a graphical approach to system administration, in addition to the command line, which advances the integration and management of a user interface the furthest to dispel the image of a Linux system, managed only via command line or text mode. Furthermore, Mandrake Linux offers the most advanced and efficient hardware detection system for detecting different hardware. Mandrakesoft has a long history of providing popular Linux desktops and servers known for their ease of use. NeTraverse products provide an excellent opportunity to suppress one of the last remaining barriers for major Linux adoption, by offering the opportunity to use Windows applications under Linux, and thus making the transition smoother.