Mandrakesoft Launches Personalized Solutions and Maintenance Program for Small and Medium Businesses

Mandrakesoft has created a new program for Small and Medium Businesses, Academic Institutions, Value Added Resellers, Non-Profit Organizations, Resellers, Gov't Agencies and Partners. The program is designed to provide One-Stop complete Open Source solutions (Products/Support/Updates/Services) to customers. The "Personalized Solutions and Maintenance Program" (PSMP) is an easy-to-use, cost effective program designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

PSMP allows you to purchase Mandrakesoft solutions at volume prices. It reduces the costs associated with evaluating, acquiring, implementing, and maintaining eBusiness software, and provides streamlined purchasing and centralized solution management through an Internet based graphical interface. Maximum savings, minimum hassle, with no minimum purchase requirement -- it's easy to get started. The user friendly web architecture of PSMP allows you to purchase your desired solution for provisioning, managing, migrating and updating your systems, giving you complete flexibility while minimizing costs. It can help you get the most value from up-to-date technology with benefits that can save time and money. PSMP pricing greatly lowers software procurement costs when compared to traditional retail purchasing options. More information is available at: