Scalix 9.0: A Linux-Based Email and Calendaring Platform with Enhanced Cross-Platform Support

Scalix Corporation has announced the release of Scalix 9.0, a Linux-based email and calendaring platform that offers rich cross-platform interoperability and client support. The new version includes Outlook 2003, Ximian Evolution and a new generation power web client, as well as a powerful Web Services-based administrative platform and single sign-on capabilities. Scalix aims to solve many of the longstanding challenges faced by companies operating in heterogeneous environments, such as lack of cross-platform support and integration with different desktop platforms and clients. The company has also introduced a new Web Services-based management platform that offers anytime, anywhere remote administration and secure management of the Scalix environment. The major enhancements in four key areas include cross-platform calendaring and scheduling, expanded client support, ecosystem and platform support and a new Web Services-based management platform.