Linspire, Fedora and Mandrake Bundle Now Available for Desktop Linux Comparison

Lindows, Inc. is offering a package containing the latest versions of three popular Linux operating systems: Linspire, Fedora and Mandrake. The Linux bundle comes with 8 CDs of the most current software in a digital format or a boxed version, available for an introductory price of $29.95 and $39.95, respectively. To order, please visit This Desktop Linux Comparison Kit is so named because it includes three popular Linux operating systems, which would otherwise need to be ordered separately.

The selection of the three products was based on their product completeness and commercial familiarity. Linspire was selected for its ease of use and extensive feature set; Mandrake has a well established following by technical professionals; and Fedora is especially tuned to interoperate with Red Hat's Linux server software. Each of the products can be installed on a modern desktop or laptop computer. Businesses, educational institutions and computer enthusiasts will find this Kit valuable in determining the best solution for their needs. Besides 4 gigabytes of software, a handy checklist is included to help evaluate the products on ease of installation and use, media playback, plug & play hardware device detection, virus checking and more. Upon completion users will have a good understanding of which mainstream Linux version best suits their computer needs. For more information, please visit