Rent Linux Desktop Applications with Nexedi and Mandrakesoft's Rentalinux Desktop Linux Server

Nexedi and Mandrakesoft have announced a new solution for renting Linux Desktop applications, called 'rentalinux Desktop Linux Server'. This full-featured turnkey solution provides the power of 500+ Mandrakelinux Desktop applications to legacy PCs, Macintosh, Unix Workstations or thin clients.

The service is available immediately in the European Union for a flat rate of 95 EUR/month and expected to become available in the US and Japan by the end of 2004. The solution combines server hardware rental, software setup, custom configuration, support, and maintenance service in a single package, making it the easiest, least intrusive, and most effective way to provide Linux Desktop applications for small to medium-sized networks. The service is compatible with legacy systems and there are no transition costs.

The solution is implemented with umibuilder custom distribution technology and published under Libre Software licenses. Users with technical skills can also benefit from rentalinux technology at no cost. The service fills the gap between a conservative approach to Desktop solutions based on proprietary software and a complete migration to Mandrakelinux Desktop by early adopters. Every organization can immediately adopt Mandrakelinux desktop as a cost-saving complement to legacy systems and later migrate at its own pace to a full Mandrakelinux Desktop solution.