GIMP Developers Conference Seeking Sponsors

The developers' conference for the free software photo editor GIMP will be held at the GUADEC conference in Kristiansand, Norway. The GIMP community is looking for sponsors to help finance travel expenses and accommodation. Currently, the GIMP has received several generous donations from the Free Software Foundation and MacGIMP, and a Merit Award from OSI. However, they need about 3000 US$ more to have all active GIMP and GEGL developers present at GIMPCon 2004 in order to chart a course for the GIMP for the next year and beyond. The plan is to set the GIMP on track for a new rendering engine (GEGL) that will allow arbitrary colour depths and spaces. The GNOME Foundation has agreed to help the GIMP developers by allowing them to use their existing donation structure, which can be done via wire transfer, cheque, or paypal. Donating money to the GIMP is a good idea for those who wish its development to continue full steam ahead, express appreciation for it, or simply enjoy using it.