Aethera 1.1 Release: A New Level of Modularity and Vision in PIMs has announced the 1.1 release of Aethera, a PIM, email and optional communication suite for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

The software breaks with traditional PIMs by providing a new level of modularity and vision to the paradigm. With Aethera, users are not tied to a particular operating system or desktop technology. In addition to email, calendar, contact list, sticky notes, Jabber instant messaging, Whiteboarding, and VoIP, Aethera also supports Kolab groupware project with enhanced features such as 'Shared Folders'. The software has been optimized for Windows with better speed and memory usage, including fixing bugs related to crashing due to limited GUI resources. The commercial plugins tkJabberPro and tkWhiteboard are available for all platforms too. Aethera is a free GPL application that can be downloaded and distributed to your hearts content. The plug-ins are available for prices as low as $9.95 per module.