Enfobridge Launches New Website for OpenOffice.org Support

Enfobridge has launched a new website for users and organizations looking to obtain OpenOffice.org software, which offers two levels of integrated software support. The free version gives users unlimited access to the online support staff of Flexiety Software Company for 30 days through a unique subscription number. A paid version offers users 90 days of support for $13.95. DownloadOpenOffice.org is being marketed as a product of Flexiety Software Company, which already supports customers around the world with two support versions for OpenOffice.org. The website allows visitors to select their support version, fill out a registration form, then download the software through mirrored download links for Windows, Linux, Solaris, or Mac OS X operating systems. After their registration has been confirmed, users are emailed a unique support subscription number which they use to enter support requests through the Flexiety Software Company support website.