GlobeTrotter: The Future of Mobile Computing

GlobeTrotter is a new product by Mandrakesoft that combines the power and unique design of LaCie hardware with the award-winning Mandrakelinux operating system.

It allows users to turn any computer into their personal Linux desktop for just 219 dollars (199 euros). GlobeTrotter is perfect for those with serious capacity and power needs, as it offers a complete work environment in one cost-effective, lightweight package. All it takes is simply plugging the GlobeTrotter into the USB port of the host PC and turning it on.

The host computer is not modified in any way. And when the job is done, the GlobeTrotter can be taken to a different workstation with up to 40GB of a user's data including applications and personal settings. Mandrakesoft's OS powering the device provides users with the flexibility, security, ease-of-use and power of a state-of-the-art Linux system. Among the included software are the productivity suite, integrated personal information management software such as Kontact and Evolution, as well as full-featured development tools. To further ease the customer into their new system, GlobeTrotter comes with thirty days of web support, and membership to Mandrakeclub and Mandrakeonline for a month.