KOffice 1.3.3 Released in Welsh

Kywaith Kyfieithu has released KOffice 1.3.3 in Welsh, which is a full-featured office suite for the Linux desktop. The new translation means that Linux now has two office suites in Welsh and demonstrates the increasing momentum behind the free software movement in Wales. KOffice includes essential programs such as KWord, KSpread, and KPresenter, as well as additional programs like Kivio, Karbon, Kugar, KFormula, KThesaurus, and KChart. The translation involved 5 months of work by Kywaith Kyfieithu volunteers who used the Kyfieithu web-based translation system and the Korrect translation database. The project aims to increase the use of Welsh on computers and create an entirely Welsh desktop running on Linux, which is especially good for languages such as Welsh that have been ignored in the past by large software makers.