Planete Saturn Launches Mandrakelinux PCs in Stores Nationwide

Mandrakelinux PCs have been available since July in Planete Saturn stores, highlighting Linux's growing importance in the personal computer market. The commercial success of Mandrakelinux PCs sold in Planete Saturn stores stands as proof that Linux is now both powerful and accessible. Planete Saturn is the first company to offer Linux personal computers for sale nationwide.

The latest offering, available since October 6th, features a 3 GHZ Intel ® Pentium 4 ® processor and costs 499 €. This new offering extends the range of products offered by Planete Saturn to meet the needs of more technologically-oriented customers. Linux's future as a desktop operating system seems bright, with Mandrakelinux having a number of technological advantages such as better stability and security, as well as being cost-effective. The success of Planete Saturn's Mandrakelinux PCs is evidence for how adaptive Linux products are and has good prospects.