McObject and MontaVista Software Announce Partnership to Streamline Development of Fault-Tolerant Linux-Based Telecom and Networking Equipment

McObject and MontaVista Software have announced the release of eXtremeDB High Availability (HA) certified for MontaVista Linux Carrier Grade Edition (CGE). This partnership streamlines development of fault-tolerant Linux-based telecom and networking equipment.

MontaVista Linux CGE is Linux enhanced with open source real-time, high availability and high reliability features, making it the premier Carrier Grade Linux platform for deploying communication network equipment in demanding carrier-class settings. eXtremeDB High Availability embedded database fits these environments well, with a proven track record of reliability in networking and telecom gear, a tiny footprint and blazing in-memory performance. The eXtremeDB High Availability Application Framework provides ready-to-go communications infrastructure between 'master' and 'replica' databases for HA projects, cutting development time and project risk in one of the most complicated areas of HA database integration. This framework provides complete source code, along with a working HA application prototype that implements communications channels built over TCP/IP, UDP/IP and Named Pipes, and can be the basis for user configurable transport/media combinations, in a high availability database sub-system. Developers can use the prototype to see eXtremeDB-HA in action in just a few minutes after installation. The partnership between McObject and MontaVista Software meshes well with the benefits offered by MontaVista Linux CGE, providing high availability enhancements, shortened development time, lower cost and reduced risk for high availability deployments.