New Release of db* Demonstrates Strength of Open-Source Development Paradigm

The new release of db. * is on track for a Q4 2004 launch date and incorporates functionality improvements, bug fixes, and suggestions from Club ITTIA members. The database is an open-source embedded database with zero runtime or development fees, fast, small footprint, and requires no administration.

It has been used in thousands of applications and is available for free on the ITTIA website. Linux is the most popular OS for db users, and ITTIA offers benchmark testing for Club ITTIA members. The new release demonstrates ITTIA's commitment to db and open-source development. ITTIA is also updating and simplifying its online community and opening up opportunities for partners and organizations to promote their products and services. Top companies like Marconi have joined the professional community at Club ITTIA, and Sasan Montessori, ITTIA President, stated that db. * is versatile, fast, small-sized, cost-effective, and positioned to fundamentally change the way embedded applications' databases are approached.