Mandrakesoft Launches New Enterprise Linux Products

Mandrakesoft has announced the availability of two new products, Corporate Server and Corporate Desktop, aimed at business customers. These Linux systems have been specifically developed to be enterprise-ready and feature longer development cycles and a 5-year maintenance span. The products are designed to make deployment as simple, fast and painless as possible while keeping them efficient and adaptable. The new Corporate Server is based on a 2.6 kernel and includes configuration wizards for setting it up as a file server, print server, Web server, directory server, FTP server, and a dozen others. It also supports IBM's database server, DB2, and has unique tools for facilitating site-wide software maintenance. Corporate Desktop is made for the coming wave of Linux adoption on the desktop and can be used in any heterogeneous environment. It includes software that has been thoroughly tested and known to be appropriate for a business setting. Both products benefit from a longer development and test cycle over home editions of Mandrakelinux, and from the feedback given by Mandrakesoft's enterprise customers. Support is also included with various options for scope and span. The added value includes commercial software such as Citrix and NX clients to CodeWeavers' CrossOver Office Server Edition. Both products are available now for pre-order.