Call for Papers: 6th Edition of International Free Software Forum

The 6th edition of the International Free Software Forum (fisl6.0) is being organized by Projeto Software Livre Brasil (Brazilian Free Software Project). The event aims to push forward free software in emerging economy countries like Brazil. Past events have attracted around 5 thousand people and had over 400 talks/sessions given by prominent speakers such as HP's Bdale Garbee, Jim Gettys, Miguel de Icaza, Jon 'maddog' Hall, David Axmark, Richard Stallman, Timoty Ney, LTSP's Jim McQuillan, FSF-Europe's Georg Greve, Sun's Simon Phipps, KDE's Martin Konold, Debian's Martin Michlmayr, Postfix's Wietse Venema, IBM's Dan McGee, WindowMaker's Alfredo Kojima. The 5th edition (2004) had participants from 35 countries and is expected to attract even more this year.